Reporting the Life of St Mary's 2015-2016




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  2. PCC Secretary’s Report                                  Pages         9 - 10
  3. Finance Group Report                                    Pages        11 - 12
  4. Trustee Report                                              Pages        13 – 21
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  1. Worship, Spirituality & Liturgy                  Pages        27 - 29
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    2. Chalice Administrators
    3. Servers         
    4. Music                                      
    5. Young Notes                          
    6. Sanctuary Guild                      


  1. Welcoming, Integrating & Caring              Pages        30 - 31
    1. Group Report
    2. Sidespersons                         
    3. Baptism Support Group            


  1. Discipleship & Evangelism                         Pages        32 - 35
  1. Group Report
  2. Godly Play     
  3. Links with Schools
  1. MU@2                                  
  1. MU@8  


  1. Communications & Making Connections     Pages        36 - 40
  1. Justice & Peace                                                                      
  2. Rainbows                                                              
  3. Brownies                                       
  4. 6th Whitley Bay Scout Group
  5. Badminton                             


  1. Buildings & Resources                              Pages        41 - 44     
  1. Group Report
  2. Church Hall                                                    
  3. Gardeners                                     
  4. Parish Office


  1.  Accounts                      Yellow supplement   Pages         1 - 11  


  1. “We Remember”                                   Inside back cover






SUNDAY 17th April 2016.

The Meeting will begin at 11.15 am in Church




Appointment of Secretary for the Meeting of Parishioners for the election of Churchwardens and the Annual Parochial Meeting: -




For the election of Churchwardens.




  1. Present:


  1. Apologies for Absence:


  1. Minutes of APCM, 19th April 2015.


  1. Matters Arising


  1. Appointment of Tellers.


  1. Appointment of three members to the Parochial Church Council:


  1. Staff/”Apostles” Report.


  1. Electoral Roll Report.


  1. Secretary’s Report.


  1. (a) Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts.


          (b) Investment Strategy.


  1. Appointment of Independent Examiner for Accounts.


  1. Annual Fabric Report by Churchwardens.


  1. Churchwardens’ Report.


  1. Deanery Synod Report.


  1. Group Reports:

Worship, Spirituality and Liturgy

Welcoming, Integrating and Caring

          Discipleship and Evangelism

          Buildings and Resources


  1. Renewal of Child Protection Policy.


  1. Appointment of Sidesmen/women.


  1.  Any other business (to be notified to chair before meeting).


  1.  Closing Prayers







The meeting commenced at 11.25 a.m. with a welcome from The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs.


No. of Parishioners present: 62.


Opening Prayer by The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs.


Grace Morgan was appointed Secretary for the Meeting of Parishioners for the election of Churchwardens and the Annual Parochial Meeting.




The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs acknowledged the work of the outgoing Legal Churchwardens, Katy Bell and David Tompkins.


Election of Churchwardens (legal).


Nominations                       Proposer                    Seconder.

Judy Ross                           Grace Morgan             Jane Walker

Bryan Morgan                     Jane Walker                William Walker


Election of Churchwardens (pastoral).


Nominations                       Proposer                    Seconder.

Marion Oakes                      Kate Stobart               Grace Morgan

Richard Hart                       Grace Morgan             Kate Stobart


As there were no other candidates, the above were elected nem com.




  1. Apologies for Absence:


Carole and David Lax, Cheryl and Tom Savage, Rick Channing, Jaki McDermott, Tina Tompkins, Julio Moran, Liz Hayes, Rosie and Roland Tate, Sue Johnson, Margaret Stannard.


  1. Minutes of APCM, 23rd March 2014.


As there were no amendments, the Minutes were signed as a true and accurate record.


Proposer: Nicola Denyer               Seconder: Joanne Porter.


  1. Matters of Record: None.


  1. Matters Arising:  None


  1. Appointment of Tellers:


Jane and William Walker.


  1. Election of members to the Parochial Church Council.


NOMINEE:                PROPOSER:                      SECONDER


Ruth Blake                 Jane Walker                        William Walker

Dorothy Daniels           William Walker                    Jane Walker

Sue Johnson               Katy Bell                            Grace Morgan

William Walker            Bryan Morgan                     Grace Morgan


There being no further nominations, the above-named were duly elected for a period of three years.   All in favour.




Reports taken as “read” will be proposed and seconded en bloc later in the meeting.


  1. Vicar’s Report:


Taken as read.                            Questions invited.


  1. Electoral Roll Report:


Read by Grace Morgan in absence of Rosie Tate.  “Any lay person who is 16 years or older and resident in the parish, or if not resident, has worshipped at St Mary’s regularly over 6 months, may apply to be entered on to the Electoral Roll.   Members of the Roll are entitled to vote at the APCM and to become members of the PCC.

The current Electoral Roll was initially prepared in 2013 when there were 208 members.   The roll now stands at 195, a decrease of 8 since this time last year.   During the last year 11 members have passed away.   We have had 3 members join the roll during the year.   136 roll members are resident in the parish, 59 are non resident.”


Proposer: Vicky Scurfield      Seconder: William Walker. All in favour.


  1. Secretary’s Report:


Taken as read.

  1. (a) Treasurer’s Report and Adoption of Accounts:


Please see yellow supplement at back of Annual Report.


Treasurer reported finance operating and expenses budget figures: Income £141,000, Expenditure £139,000, resulting in £2,000 surplus.

Restricted Funds (redevelopment of building) – Completion of Lady Chapel/Gathering Space 2013/2014 showed shortfall of £4,700, resulting in deficit of £2,000.   Treasurer felt this end position was a great achievement in context of redevelopment.  Appreciation was expressed to the congregation for their contribution to the Stewardship Scheme, Autumn Fayre and other events held.   The Mission of St Mary’s had been met, by way of charitable giving.   Sue Channing advised that the collections of the Children’s Society (£486) and Christingle Service (£244), were normally reflected in the report.   The Treasurer apologised for this omission.


(b) Investment Strategy:


Queens Road in process of being sold.  The Church would no longer benefit from property rental, of between £6,500 and £9,000 p.a. depending upon maintenance.  As this loss could not be replaced by Stewardship alone, the PCC took the decision to invest no more than 10% of our reserves in Unit Trusts.   As at the year end, £759 gain was shown but it was elected not to take this interest, as the operating and expenses account was in credit.    Investment figures are reported monthly to the PCC and weekly tracking of performance is undertaken, in order to implement 10% exit policy of any investment under-performing.   Questions invited.


2015.  Final stage of redevelopment scheduled to commence 1st June.   Sale of Queens Road progressing slowly.  Questions invited.


On behalf of congregation, Canon Sue Hart thanked Neill Porter for the clarity of his reporting.


Proposer: Canon Sue Hart Seconder: Judy Ross. All in favour.


  1. Appointment of Independent Examiner for Accounts:


Trevor Hogg of TPA Accountancy Services, South Shields.


Proposer: David Tompkins Seconder: Nicola Denyer. All in favour.      


Extensive work of Neill Porter, Patrick Pratt and Jeff Pickering acknowledged.


  1. Annual Fabric Report by Churchwardens.

As per PCC Minutes of 18th March 2015.


  1. Churchwardens’ Report:


Taken as read.


  1. Deanery Synod Report:

The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs reported that, since arriving, he had attended several meetings of the Deanery Synod, along with the Deanery Representatives from St Mary’s Church.  New Area Dean appointment expected to be announced at meeting of 23rd June 2015.


Questions invited and appreciation expressed to those who attend on behalf of St Mary’s Church.


Proposer: Jane Walker      Seconder: Joanna Porter. All in favour.


  1. Group Reports.


            Worship and Spirituality.

            Welcoming, Integrating and Caring.

            Learning, Living and Sharing.

            Making Connections.

            Building Resources.

            Other Church Groups as printed.


No Menzone Report for 2014 as group had temporarily disbanded but new Menzone 2 now established, meeting on the fourth Tuesday monthly, in The Gathering Space.


  1. Renewal of Child Protection Policy


Attention drawn to this important report on Page 29, outlining that correct procedures are being followed in accordance with current regulations.


Proposer: Helen Matthews             Seconder: Mary Cooper.  All in favour.


  1. Appointment of Sidesmen/women


Taken as read.



Proposer: Katy Bell              Seconder: Beryl Austoni.


  1. Any other business


Redevelopment – Kate Stobart (PCC Lay Chair), gave full details of final stages of work, due to commence 1st June 2015.   These included, DAC approval, tenders, timescale, underwriting of finance by Diocese pending sale of Queens Road, Baptistry screen etching design and possible conflict with Autumn Fayre arrangements.  In acknowledging the contributions of Roger Windass and David Lax in the redevelopment planning, Kate also thanked the congregation for their support and patience.


Indepth discussions followed re the replacement of Church chairs and a new sound system.  Whilst tenders are lower than anticipated, caution was advised before any further expenditure envisaged.


In his summing up, The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs advised that comments posted at the Open Forum in January had been noted and were receiving due consideration. Under the heading “Working together at St Mary’s”, the Rev Dr Peter Knibbs gave comprehensive details of the newly designated groups and their roles within Church life.


The Reform and Renewal programme to be announced by the Church of England, including the Mission and Finance Strength, was outlined by The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs.   A graph showing the anticipated growth/decline in Church attendances within the Diocese until the year 2057 was exhibited, together with a quadrant diagram analysing resource allocation, based on figures for the last 3/5 years.   St Mary’s current standing was highlighted and congregational support encouraged to achieve a position of Mission: Strong, Finances: Strong.


  1. Closing Prayers.


In his closing prayers, The Rev Dr Peter Knibbs mentioned by name, all those who had passed away during the last 12 months, remembering also their families and friends.


Accepted as a true and accurate copy.



Chair………………………………               Secretary………………………..



Proposer…………………………..            Seconder…………………………























Staff Team Report


This year has been one of extraordinary highs and lows that has at times filled us with great joy and at other times left us very sad.  We have seen a good number of changes within the Staff Team.  In the early summer of 2015 Eileen returned from her sabbatical and rejoined the Staff Team with Bishops PTO (Permission To Officiate).  We have greatly benefited from her wisdom and experience and in view of the issues we have faced her presence has been a huge support in our midst.  Pat was ordained Priest in the Cathedral in the summer of 2015 and has begun her Priestly ministry among us.  Pat’s ordination and First Eucharist were one of the highlights of the past year.  Her energy and vitality have been greatly appreciated throughout the parish. Yvonne completed her training and it was a great joy to join her in the autumn as she was licensed as Reader.  Nicola has continued her training and has further developed her preaching skills to good effect.  We look forward to Nicola completing her training next year.  Sue has continued to inspire and challenge us and her training systems have been again taken up by other parishes across the diocese.  This has been some of the very good news from the Staff Team during the last twelve months.


However, this past year has been greatly changed by the poor health of Peter our Vicar.  Last summer the Staff were only too aware that he was poorly and not himself.  Then he had his heart attack in October and has been off sick since then.  He has had to have further medical treatment and as I write this we are very much awaiting the results.  We continue to pray for his recovery.  We know that this has been a difficult time for him and his family.   The future remains a little uncertain.  For us it means an extended period of uncertainty too.  We are being assisted by offers of help from the diocese including Bishop Frank and Archdeacon Geoff as well as offers of help from other clergy.  We have worked closely with Church Wardens and other members of LMDG in the ongoing running of the parish.  Filling a whole left by the Vicar is a challenging task especially when there are no full time Staff members available.  For instance, there was a lot of extra work dealing with the movement out of church and leading services in the hall and then the return back into church again.  The Staff Team is very pleased with the overall results. 


There is a question of how we proceed forward.  At the end of January there was an exciting meeting held when 60 member of our church gathered on a Saturday morning to consider our future.  Some of the ideas discussed then will go into our new Mission Action Plan due to be written this coming year.  We also know of our need to launch a new Stewardship Campaign.  Usually these things would be held up during the sick leave of an incumbent.  However, Geoff Miller our Archdeacon is encouraging us to plough on regardless and drive the church forwards.  Our duty is to continue to build up the Kingdom of God in Monkseaton.


May I on behalf of all the Staff Team thank the Church Wardens, LMDG, PCC members and indeed the whole congregation for their unfeigned support and assistance during the last year?  Please continue to pray for us and support us in our ministry.  May we all be ever mindful of the leadership of our Lord Jesus who strengthens us in our tasks.


John McDermott, Assistant Curate








Since the last APCM on 19th April 2015, the Parochial Church Council has held eleven meeting, including an Extraordinary Meeting on the 19th May.   All members have been committed in their level of attendance and have fully participated in the business of the meetings, giving serious consideration to all items on the Agenda.   At the beginning of each meeting, we pray together, asking God for guidance while we debate and discuss the important issues before us.  


As with us all, the PCC was shocked and sadden to hear about Peter’s heart attack in October.   We miss his wisdom, direction and enthusiasm and pray for his successful recovery from surgery, so that we can welcome him back in the not too distant future.


It has been a very busy year in the life of the Church, moving out of the main building during the final stage of refurbishment and continuing our worship in the intimate surroundings of the Church Hall.    We are grateful to members of the congregation, staff, wardens and all those involved in seeing us through this challenging period.  In October, when we finally stepped through the doors of our newly refurbished Church, it appeared filled with the glory of God and we gave thanks for all that had been achieved.  


During the final phase of the work, several proposals, including the sale of Queens Road property, were put before the PCC for its contemplation, response, and confirmation that all formalities were adhered to correctly.


Whilst the Church was closed, the PCC was fortunate to be offered a room free of charge, in the Comrades Club, in which to convene its monthly meetings.  We would like to express our gratitude to the Club for making this space available for our use.


The Treasurer and Finance Team have continued to produce their monthly figures and associated reports.   Income and expenditure have been closely monitored and in these challenging times, the PCC has expressed its appreciation to Neill Porter and his team for their hard work and commitment, in ensuring that the up to date financial position was always readily available.


Again in 2015, the PCC was pleased to announce that St Mary’s Church had received a letter from the Diocese, expressing appreciation that our Parish Share had been paid in full.  This contribution provides aid for their ongoing mission and ministry work.


The PCC also supported the adoption of the weekly Redemptorist Sheets for use by the congregation and approved the successful grant application to the Wellesley Trust, to fund designated items for use in the Church Hall.


 Lay Licences for the administration of communion in Church and in the home, have been approved and renewed on the due dates by the PCC.


In accordance with its usual practice, the PCC also provided Parish Breakfast cover for six weeks in July and August, to show support for the regular team whilst they had a well-earned break. 


Our fundraising and outreach work continued throughout the year.   £4115.18 was raised for Christian Aid, in response to our street collections, which saw St Mary’s Church again “out and about” in the community.    In line with our Mission Statement, £5,200 was divided equally between De Paul UK, PICA (Newcastle Diocese) EAPPI, Prison Fellowship, US, Refugee Support and Christmas Cash Collections were divided equally between NE First Credit Union and Christians Against Poverty Debt Advisory Service, Whitley Bay.


The PCC continued to support the Church’s work in the community, through the Whitley Lodge Community Spirit and the Godly Play Projects.


The 2015 Winter Fayre was a huge success and reflected the strong team spirit within our Church to open its doors and offer a warm welcome to the wider community. The PCC acknowledged and supported the work and achievements of the many volunteers associated with this essential fundraising and outreach event.


The PCC now conducts its business under four main headings (a) Worship, Spirituality and Liturgy, (b) Buildings and Resources, (c) Welcoming, Integrating and Caring and (d) Evangelism.    Reports by these Groups are produced separately.


All business undertaken by the PCC is contained in the Minutes, which are exhibited on the Church Notice Board, ratified copies of which are held on file in the Church Office.


Now we are back in Church, the PCC is aware that its work is not finished but, in fact, is just beginning.   Our mission of “Making Christ Known through the Building of his Church” is a seedling, which needs to be nurtured, so that it can grow and spread its message of spiritual encouragement to the wider community.



PCC SECRETARY                                                                  APRIL 2016























Finance Group Report for activities

Jan to Dec 2015


Finance Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • The Finance Team are responsible for receipts and payments, recording all transactions to allow public accountability within the context of PCC and Charity Commission obligations.
  • We support meeting our Charitable objectives and Diocesan Parish Share
  • We prepare budgets, and track financial plans alongside actual expenditure.
  • We co-ordinate payments to staff and to suppliers.
  • We negotiate contracts and appoint suppliers with key utilities providers
  • Our accounting records demonstrate that funds given for a specific purpose (also referred to as “Restricted”) are spent in accordance with the donors’ wishes
  • We present our accounts annually for Independent Financial Assessment and publish an Annual Finance Report.
  • We work closely with the Planned Giving Secretary; as regular giving is the core income of our Church
  • We also work closely with Fund Raising teams, who have led initiatives to secure the financial resource for Redevelopment and Operating costs


We always give thanks for the generosity of the congregation and friends of St Mary’s, whether through regular giving or supporting our fund raising events.


We also give thanks to all that give their time co-ordinating finances and financial reporting, such as counting and physical banking. We also thank those that co-ordinate fund raising initiatives from Coffee Mornings to Autumn Fayres, and progress new income opportunities such as Charity Fundraising matched funding.


































Key results of our work in 2015-16


  • Income
    • Stewardship                        £84,488 (2014 £86,204)
    • HMRC Gift Aid                      £19,325 (2014 £20,485)
    • Fund Raising                        £5,280
    • Bank Interest                       £1,417
    • Legacies                              £8500
    • 89 Queen’s Road House Sale £136,532
  • Expense
    • Operating Budget                    £141,131
      • Including £95799 Parish Share paid in full
      • Alms at 5% Stewardship £5200 achieved
    • Redevelopment to year end     £232,608




  • Systems
    • We have adopted Xero as our new accounting package. This greatly improves access to our accounts for the treasury team, and our Independent Financial Examiner
  • Best pricing - Contract Renewal
    • Gas – Two year term agreed with British Gas from Sept 2015 to Sept 2017
    • Electricity – Two year term agreed with EON from Nov 2015 to Nov 2017


HMRC reduced income is a reflection of lower Stewardship, Gift Aid has been claimed when-ever possible.


Redevelopment has inevitably meant that expense greatly exceeds income.


Excluding Redevelopment, the operating cost budget balances income and expense. Successful fundraising and other one off donations have offset the Stewardship income and absence of Queen’s Road Rental income.


Key plans for development in 2016


  • Expense
    • Parish Share 2016 is £97,475, a 1.7% increase vs 2015. With declining Stewardship income, this becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. A new Parish Share formula is expected to be devised by the Diocese for the 2017 Parish Share assessment
    • We will endeavour to repeat the noticeable Gas consumption saving during Redevelopment, and turn off heating completely Jun to Sep 2016, the warmer summer months.
    • We will monitor electricity consumption, and determine when gas or electric is the most effective method of heating.
  • Income
    • Stewardship Renewal will be co-ordinated during May 2016
    • In addition to the Autumn/ Winter Fayre, new fund raising events will be co-ordinated, including repeat of the Backworth Male Voice Choir evening.
  • Banking
    • We continue to support ethical local banking with our account at NE First Credit Union
  • Redevelopment
    • Church planned activities will be completed, including replacement of guttering, on budget to final spend £317,530
    • We are aware that Church Hall and Church Site Footpaths will require redevelopment in foreseeable future, and as soon as Church work is complete, attention will turn to these.


Neill Porter – Treasurer

Patrick Pratt – Assistant Treasurer

Jeff Pickering – Second Assistant Treasurer

Trevor Hogg – Independent Financial Examiner

Rosie Tate – Planned Giving and Gift Aid Inland Revenue Secretary

All fund raising leaders, and all Sunday cashiers.



2015 Trustee Report and Accounts for

the Parochial Church Council of St Mary The Virgin Monkseaton


Name of PCC:

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary The Virgin Monkseaton, Claremont Gardens, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear. NE26 3SF



Rev. Dr. Peter Knibbs


PCC Members:

1st January 2015 – 31st December 2015

Rev Dr P. Knibbs, S. Moran, Canon S. Hart (Deanery Synod), M. Campbell (Deanery Synod), B. Morgan (Legal Warden), K. Stobart (Chairman), N. Porter (Treasurer), Revd J. McDermott, A. Dodgson, G. Morgan (PCC Secretary), J. Ross (Legal Warden), R. Channing, C. Connors, N. Denyer (Deanery Synod), J. Porter, P. Pratt (Assistant Treasurer),


1st January 2015 – 19th April 2015

K. Bell (Church Warden), D. Tompkins (Church Warden), 


19th April 2015 – 31st December 2015

Rev P. Moran (Curate), R. Hart (Pastoral Warden), M. Oakes (Pastoral Warden), R. Blake, D. Daniels, S. Johnson, W. Walker.


21st October 2015 – 31st December 2015




HSBC Bank PLC, 279 Whitley Road Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear NE26 2SW


Independent Examiner

Trevor Hogg, TPA Accountancy Services, 38 Stanhope Road, South Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE33 4BT


Aims and Purposes:

St Mary’s Parochial Church Council (PCC) has the responsibility of co-operating with the incumbent, Reverend Peter Knibbs, in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish and the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. The PCC is also specifically responsible for the maintenance of the Church Building and Church Hall.


Structure Governance and Management

Day to day management of the parish is the responsibility of the Incumbent together with the two legal wardens supported by the Parochial Church Council.


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is a corporate body established by the Church of England. The PCC operates under the Parochial Church Council Powers Measure. The PCC has no related trusts or charities.


The membership of the PCC is governed by the Church Representation Rules 2006. Any qualified person can stand for election. Candidates have to be proposed and seconded by members of the congregation entered on the electoral roll. Voting takes place at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.


Training of PCC members is undertaken on an ad hoc basis, including training courses held by the Deanery or Diocese.


The PCC meets monthly on the third Wednesday of the month with the exception of August and December. If necessary, additional meetings can be convened. In accordance with church rules it appoints a Standing Committee. It has also appointed members to:

Worship Spirituality and Liturgy Group

Welcome Integrating and Caring

Discipleship and Evangelism (now incorporating Making Connections)

Building Resources.


The Parish is a Local Ministry Parish and the PCC has approved the appointment of a twelve strong Local Ministry Development Group (LMDG).


The major risks to which the PCC is exposed are reviewed, and procedures are in place to manage those risks.


Risk Management:

The PCC considers risks, and how to manage them, to ensure that other organisational objectives can be achieved.

  • Responsibility to people, Statutory and Legal:

A member of the PCC has been appointed as Health and Safety Officer and is able to advise the PCC and thereafter monitor. This includes assessment to prevent personal injury while visiting the Church, Church Hall and site. This includes preventing accidents by reducing the probability that it will happen to as low as practically possible.

  • Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults:

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting approves a policy on Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults and the PCC is responsible for its implementation.

  • Equal opportunities:

The PCC are always mindful of equal opportunities (race, sex, sexuality, age, disability, religion) responsibilities.


  • Financial:

The Parish operates under the constraints of an annual budget agreed by the PCC in the November of the preceding year. The PCC is provided with quarterly management accounts showing actual income and expenditure set against budgetary provision.


The Finance Team, appointed by the PCC and confirmed each year, comprises the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and one other who maintain a computerised accounting package (Xero), which provides monthly management accounts. Xero is a web-based application backed-up remotely and accessible from personal PCs with user ID and password control.

Given that our primary source of income is from parishioners under the “Stewardship Scheme”, attention is given to maintaining good contact with members and ensuring the parish claims Inland Revenue Gift Aid payments promptly.


Any special expenditure requiring an appeal for funds is recorded outside the operating budget and monitored separately.


These financial plans are designed to achieve the activities of the PCC.

  • Reputational:

It is recognised by the PCC that unwelcome publicity will hinder the mission of the Church. All Church sponsored events are considered for appropriateness to the Mission of the Congregation.


PCC members are also nominated and seconded with reputational risk of the PCC taken into account.


  • Operational:

The PCC seeks to reduce the consequence of accident and share the risk by maintaining a comprehensive insurance policy with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Company covering Church buildings, contents, employer’s liability and third party cover.


In the event of the main Church building being rendered unusable, services would be held in the separate Church Hall building.


Objectives and Activities:

Our Vision is to “Make Christ known through building His Church” and for the period 2011 to 2016 we will be focusing on Journeying On.


We are in a unique time in the journey of St. Mary’s; for 100 years there has been a place of worship on the site, for 80 years worship has taken place in the current building and we are currently continuing that journey by developing the way we use the building to meet the needs of the current generation of worshippers and make it fit for the next generation. Throughout the past 100 years, the buildings used on the site have been altered and changed to help the community grow in discipleship and understanding of God’s love and presence.


The Mission Action Plan sets out key themes for development.


The themes for the journey are:

Worship Spirituality and Liturgy– To help the congregation grow in relationship with God

Welcoming, Integrating & Caring – To create an environment where newcomers, visitors and regular worshippers feel equally welcome and valued at St Mary’s; and to provide opportunities and encouragement for people to grow in the love of God and one another.

Discipleship Evangelism & Making Connections – To lead and deliver discipleship and evangelizing strategies in accordance with our Mission to all ages across the parish.

To develop effective and consistent ways of St. Mary’s connecting with the whole parish, wider community of Whitley Bay and within the congregation itself. Our messages should be clear and reach as wide an audience as possible; work with all parts of life of the parish to coordinate the work we do with people on the edge of our community; and reflect our understanding of our part in God’s mission.

Building Resources – To lead the project for refurbishing the church buildings through raising funds, negotiating with architects and contractors; supporting the PCC and the congregation as we resource the mission of the church through good stewardship of people, buildings and finance.


Throughout all the themes, the need to consider the needs of all ages in the community from the youngest to eldest must be considered, as does our desire to uphold the mission of Justice and Peace.


Achievements and Performance:


Worship Spirituality and Liturgy

The PCC support the Liturgy Planning Group’s work to maintain the regular pattern of worship on Sundays, festivals and weekdays. Through this we have achieved the fostering of deeper personal relationships with God within the context of a community of mutual care as a sign of God’s Kingdom.


We continue to explore how the whole community- all ages, temperaments, stages of faith development are included, become participants and are offered opportunities for transformation. We make worship accessible to all in the parish, and something in which all can participate and be fed and challenged. We continue to deliver Lent, Advent and study groups by the laity. We explore creative use of worship space as redevelopment takes place and assist the community in recognising that redevelopment reflects something of what we are trying to embody as a community.


All are welcome to attend our regular services. At present there are 193 parishioners on the Church Electoral Roll.


10 new names were added during the year and 14 were removed either through death or because they moved away from the parish.


The average weekly attendance was 147 adults and 17 children, totalling 164.


As well as regular services, we enable our community to celebrate and thank God at the milestones of the journey through life. Through Baptism we thank God for the gift of life, in marriage public vows are exchanged with God’s blessing and through funeral services friends and family express their grief and give thanks for the life which is now complete in this world and to commend the person into God’s keeping.


We have celebrated

16 baptisms

Nil weddings

and held 29 funerals this year.



  • Special Services

Special services were run by the Church during Advent, for the congregation and also for local schools, from the Harvest “Be Fruitful” theme to the advent “Be Creative / Be Thoughtful / Be Peaceful / Be There / Be Merry” themes.


Welcoming, Integrating & Caring

PCC’s Welcoming Integrating and Caring (WIC) Group welcome and identify newcomers; to encourage them to join the Church community. To achieve this, more “welcomers” have been recruited and a welcome pack is made available.


The WIC group help worshippers to grow in their faith by making them aware of services, groups and courses that are available, and encouraging participation.


WIC also co-ordinate the pastoral care network, and maintain a recording system that is continually updated to “watch-out” for all members of St Mary’s.


During 2015 WIC conducted a “Season of Invitation” following the Redevelopment, with special invitation to Harvest, Remembrance and Christingle services.



Discipleship Evangelism and Making Connections

The group leads and delivers discipleship and evangelizing strategies in accordance with our Mission to all ages, through the “All Age Inclusion Theme” across the Parish.


With Whitley Bay “Churches Together” St Mary’s has delivered an “Open The Book” program with schools during 2015. Godly Play has achieved connections with local schools, with Southridge School afternoon classes now being held twice weekly. This group has also supported educational visits to Church and School assemblies. St Mary’s now provides chaplaincy support to Kings School.


The Baptism Group is in place to support families, and sponsor Baptism candidates to achieve lasting connections following the service.


The Lent Learning was very successful, using the theme “Pilgrim – The Creeds”.

St Mary’s “Magical Mystery Tour” and “Shock of the New” courses allow people on the fringes of Church to be invited and explore as an alternative to the formal Church Service.


St Mary’s are intentional about outreach and evangelism, and continues to work closely with Whitley Lodge Community Spirit as an opportunity for local practical outreach in our Parish. We had a strong presence at the Summer Fayre June 2015 and supporting Christmas events.


This group has also prepared young people for communion before confirmation, and also confirmations.


Three editions of “St Mary’s Good News” Newsletter were prepared and distributed free of charge to every household in the Parish.


A new communications strategy is in use during 2015, to improve aspects of communication including the use of social media (Church web-site and other social media platforms) more effectively.


The PCC re-iterates that the Church Hall plays a vital part in the Church’s spiritual life and in it’s mission in the local community. Nearly 200 people use the Hall on a weekly basis, and it is a core part of St. Mary’s Mission. As a PCC we recognise the Hall as a place of welcome, especially for those on the on the edge of faith. Many of the Uniformed Groups leaders are members of St. Mary’s, and the Hall allows St Mary’s PCC to support them.


Building Resources

2015 saw much energy invested in re-ordering the church and making best use of the newly re-ordered Church space.


Special expenditure was needed for the Refurbishment and Redevelopment of St Mary’s. The faculty granted in 2010 is for a £580,000 project. Three phases of the project have been completed previously (Kitchen, Heating System and Gathering Space) totalling £237,000. Led by the Design Task Group during 2015 the major fourth phase of the development was undertaken, estimate £317,530 (all four projects combined cost £554,530). The major works took place between 20th July and 2nd October 2015. A further £1200 was invested in the Sound System to provide a new loop and fixed point microphones.


To achieve funding, St Mary’s operated a donation scheme alongside Stewardship, known as Pledging, which raised a total of £128,000 by end June 2015 when this fund raising initiative concluded. The Redevelopment project also had a structured programme of applications to Trusts that may support Church redevelopment projects. The Curate’s house, 89 Queen’s Road, was sold and funds released used for the Church Redevelopment (£136,532).


  • 2011 and 2012 the Kitchen and Heating System were replaced (Combined cost £189,660 incl VAT).
  • 2013 the new meeting room for community, educational and church use was completed (£46,853).
  • 2015 spend to end Dec 2015 (£232,608)


A Service of Rededication was held 15th October 2015.



The mission of Justice and Peace


Justice and Peace continues to be led by a dedicated group. Key activities detailed below;

St Mary’s collects donations from the congregation of foodstuffs and essential toiletries, that are distributed to those directed to “The Bay Foodbank” for emergency immediate need supplies


During May 2015 St Mary’s co-ordinated Christian Aid street collections co-ordinated through J&P leaders.


£5200, 5% of Planned Giving Income, was distributed in equal proportion to the following: DePaul UK, PICA (Partners in Community Action Newcastle Diocese), EAPPI, Prison Fellowship, Us  (Formerly known as United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel), Christian Aid Refugee support


Cash collections at Christmas Services (£1643) were distributed between:   

                NE First Credit Union

                Christians Against Poverty Debt Advisory Service, Whitley Bay


Funds were also raised for the Children’s Society

                Box Collection     £400.96

                Christingle Service       £303.37


Deanery Synod

Seven members of the PCC sit on the Deanery Synod, comprised of all clergy and three elected lay representatives.


Financial Review

We detail how St Mary’s has funded its Mission;


Total receipts on unrestricted funds were £230909.

£83517 came from unrestricted voluntary donations, and £19219 from Income Tax Gift Aid that now includes GASDS (Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme).


Restricted donations of £24407 were also received, and are detailed in the Financial Statements.


Planned giving through Stewardship decreased during 2015 by £1205, with several high value contributors dying during the year. Stewardship renewal will be co-ordinated during May 2016, and other fund raising events are planned to offset lower income from Stewardship.

Fundraising; The Winter Fayre raised £4363 and benefitted with matched funding from Barclays Charities Aid Foundation £1397, Backworth Choir Concert raised £917 Proceeds of 2015 Fundraising were unrestricted, to general funds including Property Development.


£235398 was spent from unrestricted funds to provide the ministry from St Mary’s Church, including the contribution to the diocesan parish share, £95,799. That increased 1.7% in the year and has been met in full. Parish share largely provides the stipends and housing for the clergy.


The Hall has a marginal deficit -£692. (Income £5858 / Expense £6550). We need to nurture the hall, to maximise community use with bookings and associated income, so we can plan with greater confidence to consider redeveloping this facility for the future. This will require a continued structured approach to planning hall use with Hall Users, Hall Leaders and PCC.


The net result for the year, including Redevelopment costs, expenditure exceeded income £4489 on unrestricted funds and £103840 on restricted funds , combined total £108329.

Adding bank and deposit balances brought forward at the beginning of the year, the balances carried forward at 31st December 2015 on unrestricted funds totalled £123413.


Investments held and objectives of these investments



  • NE First Credit Union £15,000, supporting ethical banking in local community
  • Hargreaves Lansdown £18,000 to be used to offset potential operating budget income expense deficits


Restricted Funds (Major Amounts):

  • Mel Weir St Mary’s Good Newsletter    £5270
  • Wellesley Trust                                   £2608


Fixed Assets:

  • Church and Hall, with insurance replacement valuation at February 2012 of £3,281,250


Reserves Policy

It is PCC policy to try to maintain a balance on unrestricted funds which equates to at least three months unrestricted payments. This is equivalent to £33,000. It is held to smooth out fluctuations in cash flow and to meet emergencies. The unrestricted cash balance at year end meets this target.


Funds in deficit, with steps being taken to eliminate the deficit:

  • Income Stewardship:
    • Stewardship Renewal May 2016
    • Other fund raising; Band, Choir and additional events planned during 2016.
  • Expense:
    • Queen’s Road Utilities £2770; Property sold July 2015
    • Church Cleaning £1035; Extend 100 Club Restricted Income to cover both Church and Church Hall Cleaning                                         












































It is a statutory requirement that a Fabric Report is included on the Agenda for the APCM but that the Churchwardens present it to the PCC one month beforehand.


All outstanding issues relating to the 2012 Quinquennial Report have now been resolved.


Our £330,000 refurbishment programme is now complete, apart from a short “snagging list”.   The first phase in 2011 saw the installation of a new kitchen, toilets, prep room and office.   A new heating system followed in 2012 and in 2013 the Lady Chapel was converted into our multi-purpose “Gathering Space”.   The project was finalised in 2015, with a new Vicar’s Vestry, a new innovative lighting scheme and an extended tiled nave.   The font now sits on a new stone tiled area and the vestibule has been refurbished with a floor to ceiling glass panel, allowing beautiful views into the Church’s interior.   New carpets have been laid and the inside of the Church completely redecorated.


During the year, several small panes of glass have been replaced.   Two long-standing leaks in the roof have been repaired.


The heating system was serviced in February and the lightning conductor tested.


A new smart meter has been fitted, which will enable our electricity consumption to be measured online.


Our thanks, as always, are due to John Charlton for all he has done for us during the year.


A black-spot is the poor condition of the hall, which now requires a major makeover if it is to be considered fit for purpose. 


Bryan Morgan, Legal Churchwarden














Churchwarden’s report 2015 – 2016


Following the APCM in April 2015 Bryan Morgan & Judy Ross became the Legal Wardens & had the hard task of following the sterling work done by David Tompkins & Katy Bell. We were very pleased to have such an enthusiastic vicar to energise not only ourselves but also the 2 new Wardens – Marion Oakes & Richard Hart – as well as our dedicated staff team.


The main focus this year has been on the refurbishment of the church building for which funds have been raised from many sources including church members & Trusts. This refurbishment included essential work to the wiring, the structure both inside & out, redecoration & making the internal space much more versatile & attractive. The building was closed from the end of June to the beginning of October. We were very grateful to the parishioners who helped the Wardens & staff to empty every single cupboard & storage space wrapping precious items in bubble wrap so that items & furniture both large & small could be packed into 2 large storage containers. Fortunately we realised that expert help was needed & the containers were filled to the brim by a removal firm. The small room in the hall became the vestry & also housed the photocopier.  Pat Moran did a marvellous job in organising the storage layout of the essential furniture for services, hymn books were stored in plastic crates & everyone got used to unpacking & repacking everything each Sunday.


The room at the back of the hall was used for 8am & 6pm services with the addition of a table & some chairs. As it was the summer holidays this room wasn’t needed for the uniformed organisations.

Dot & Carol, our dedicated office staff, took the opportunity to have a thorough sort out of all the accumulated files & mountains of paperwork; David Lax & Philip Sanderson did the same with many boxes of music; hymn books & choir robes no longer used were passed on to churches in need with the agreement of the Archdeacon. Thanks to technology both Dot & Carol could access the church phone & use computers at home with occasional manning of the small office/vestry to cover the essential office work. David Lax also worked with the sound engineer to improve the sound system.


New storage space in both the old vestry & the new one was obtained by Richard Hart through his contacts with local firms & ex-display kitchen units now provide an array of cupboards, shelves & worktops.


On 11th October Peter Knibbs our vicar had a severe heart attack & spent a short time in hospital. He was able to go home to await further procedures but this meant St Mary’s was without a fulltime stipendiary vicar from October until after the APCM in April & possibly for even longer. In his absence the Archdeacon Geoff Miller advised that the Legal Wardens were responsible for the continued functioning of the church & the staff team worked hard to ensure that all services were covered plus other eventualities as they arose. St Mary’s is fortunate in having members of staff who, although having other paid employment, are willing to give selflessly to keep the life of the church running as smoothly as possible. The Quad who ran the church during the interregnum was revived with the addition of the Wardens & members of LMDG & met every 3 weeks to make sure information was shared & acted upon.


The refurbished building was re dedicated on the 15th of October by Bishop Frank who joined the entire congregation in being thrilled at the transformation of the interior by the rewiring, decoration, marble effect flooring around the font & steps to the altar & the curves of the blue carpet echoing the floorboards which had been sanded & sealed. State of the art lighting provided enhancement of all the arches & windows as well as a wide range of colour & light effects for different areas at a significantly reduced running cost.  The view from the vestibule to the high altar was transformed by a large etched glass screen in memory of Eric Peel.


Two concerts & the Christmas Fair enabled the improved space to be well used & shown to the wider public who also commented favourably on the changes. At the end of November the uniformed organisations & their parents were invited to come in after their meetings to be shown around & encouraged to explore. Classes from local First schools have also visited St Mary’s for General RE lessons organised by Carole Lax & for Godly Play sessions run by Mary Cooper & Rachel Bainton. Whitley Lodge First School & Valley Gardens Middle School held their Christmas Carol Services in church, both were well attended & their cash collections generously donated to our Christmas Charity Collections.  


Following information from Canon Roger Windass the Vicar applied to The Wellesley Trust for funding to purchase equipment for the hall to be used by the uniformed organisations & other youth groups. This bid was successful & £6272 was received & spent on 64 chairs on a hanging trolley for the hall, 30 blue padded chairs & 6 similar but with padded arms for the church, blackout blinds for the hall windows, installation of BT Broadband, a portable sound system & a projector, all this equipment helping to make the hall a versatile space for groups to hire as well as for use by St Mary’s.


The Vicar also purchased sufficient blue padded cushions for all the wooden chairs in church to make them more comfortable using a generous donation from a parishioner. Another donation paid for 2 x10 foot artificial Christmas trees which look very realistic & will be far more cost effective than real ones over many years.


Staff & members of the congregation were delighted to attend services at the Cathedral in the summer for the ordination of Pat Moran as a Priest & Yvonne Knibbs as a Licensed Reader. Both of them are important members of St Mary’s staff team.


As we come to the end of our 3 years’ as Wardens both of us recognise what a privilege it has been to become deeply involved in the life of St Mary’s & thank Katy & David for showing us the ropes initially, Dot & Carol for all their help & our marvellous staff team for always being there to go the extra mile.

We wish Marion & Richard & the new Wardens as much fulfilment in their roles as we have experienced.


Bryan Morgan


Judy Ross











Local Ministry Development Group APCM 2016 Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To exercise a leadership role on behalf of the congregation & PCC
  • To act as a decision making & facilitating group keeping the PCC updated
  • To support lay members of the congregation who lead groups & activities both spiritual & factual
  • To provide continuity of ministry in the absence of clergy

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Regular meetings with the Vicar until his illness in October 2015
  • Revival of the QUAD with the addition of Wardens & LMDG with meetings every 3 weeks from October 2015 – ongoing- to ensure the life of the church was kept running as smoothly as possible

Key plans for development in 2016

  • In the continued absence of the Vicar to support the part time clergy as they strive to maintain the normal functioning of St Mary’s

Judy Ross & Bryan Morgan, Legal Wardens


Safeguarding Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To ensure that St Mary's Church is a safe community and that it complies with all relevant legislation in connection with young people and vulnerable adults
  • To maintain a database of all church members who undertake work with these groups and, where appropriate, make the necessary arrangements for criminal record checks to be made
  • To inform the PCC of any changes in procedures, guidelines and advice and to draw to its attentions any areas of concern

Key results of our work in 2015-16


  • Our Disclosure and Barring criminal record checks have processed over 20 people throughout the year
  • Work in raising awareness of the necessity for DBS checks is ongoing
  • The safeguarding officer has attended meetings with the diocesan safeguarding officer and made links with safeguarding officers from other parishes
  • The safeguarding officer has volunteered to help with planning safeguarding training in the diocese

Key plans for development in 2016


  • To raise the profile of the importance of the DBS with all church members
  • To encourage members of the church community with DBS certificates to undertake Diocesan Safeguarding Training. This should be undertaken every two years
  • To review church policies as they apply to young people and vulnerable adults to accurately reflect the work of the church and the diocese
  • To continue DBS checks and keeping of register
  • Any other matters of concern

Jaki Brown

Statistics for Past Three Years























Easter Day Attendance



Easter Day Attendance



Easter Day Attendance



Easter Day Communicants



Easter Day Communicants 



Easter Day Communicants



Christmas Attendance









Christmas Attendance














Christmas Communicants







                  CHURCH ATTENDANCE






Easter Day

3 services





4 services




8 am Service




10 am Service




6 pm Service




6 pm Healing




Crib Service




9.30am Wednesday Eucharist




Morning Prayer














Worship, Spirituality & Liturgy Group Report


Vision of the Group

To help the congregation grow in relationship with God


Through 2015 the work of the Parish in areas of Worship, Liturgy and Spirituality has had four main focuses.


The Worship, Spirituality & Liturgy Group, together with the Service Planning Group seek to maintain the regular pattern of worship on Sundays, festivals and weekdays at St Mary’s, while exploring how the whole community - all ages, temperaments, stages of faith development can be included, become participants and can be offered opportunities for growth in faith and for deepening their relationship with the Lord.


Our worshipping life as a community is only made possible by the work and generosity of the many people who are involved in all aspects of planning and organising worship. This is not simply through the staff team, but sacristans, servers, intercessors, readers, musicians, sidespeople, wardens, flower arrangers, brass cleaners, and on and on – a real expression of how together we embody the Body of Christ.


Music has always been a central element of worship at St Mary’s and Sue and the singers have worked hard throughout the year to help us to worship well.


The monthly Communion services at Eastbourne House have continued with involvement of several members of our congregation. We also did a Good Friday service last year and a Carol service, both of which were well attended.


The major difference this year is that we are now worshipping in a completely refurbished and beautiful new building. The works required us to move out of church into the Hall for a few months and again it was the hard work and generosity of so many people that made our weeks in the hall not only prayerful, but enjoyable. We have now been back in our new building for five months and are gradually learning how to use the new space, and how it can help us to draw close to God.


The Rededication Service on 15th October, at which Bishop Frank presided, was a celebration not only of the new building but also an expression of how we understand being church and being a worshipping community.


Pat Moran & Carole Lax




Licenced Chalice Administrators Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To assist the clergy with the administration of Holy Communion within the Church Eucharist and to the sick and housebound.

Key results of our work in 2015-16


  • We have an amazing 26 members of the congregation who are licensed to administer Holy Communion during the Eucharist.
  • We have 7 parishioners who can administer to the sick and housebound.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To ensure that we continue to appreciate the importance and solemnity of this role, whilst making sure we enjoy taking part in the service.
  • To ensure where licences are due to expire this year that we have them renewed, to enable administrators to continue in this vital role.








Servers Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To provide a crucifer/server at each Eucharistic service and occasional additional services throughout the year.
  • To encourage others to be part of this ministry in the life of the church.

Key results of our work in 2015-16


  • A small team continues to act as crucifers at the 8am and 10am services.
  • There are 6 servers at present, some withdrawals and some additions will mean that by May this year we will be a team of 9.
  • All new volunteers are offered comprehensive support and training
  • Our thanks go to all the servers (and parents!) for their dedication and hard work over the last year.

Key plans for development in 2016


  • To continue to support the worship at St Mary’s
  • To continue to recruit and train a cross section of our community to act as servers (ages and gender)
  • To ensure that this group is clearly co-ordinated with all aspects of our worship and all other ministry rotas.


Richard Hart and Clare Connors




Young Notes Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To continue to help children to explore and understand music, especially its role in worship and through this to grow in the Christian Faith
  • To encourage children, especially those on the fringes of St Mary's, to become involved in all aspects of life at St Mary's.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Continuing to work with our small group - we have 5 very loyal members

(We have just lost one who has been with us for over 3 years as his voice began to break!) 

  • We have learned to adapt our sessions as we do not have an accomplished accompanist, but we sing in parts and use backing tracks to help us.
  • Sometimes the children bring their own musical instruments, whilst playing the percussion instruments is always a favourite activity.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To carry on working with the children, encouraging them to continue attending services, whether regularly at Festivals, or as part of the family events on Sunday afternoons.

Carole and David Lax


Sanctuary Guild Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • The commitment of the members of the many sections of Sanctuary Guild is carried out with great care and dedication to the Glory of God.
  • At the present time there 12 people on the list of  “Saturday Teams” who carry out the preparation necessary for the Sunday Eucharist Services   Laundering linen, trimming the candles, washing the silverware etc. 
  • The Brass Cleaning Rota also has 12 people, who polish all the moveable brass items as well as the small plaques on various items around the church
  • The flower arrangers list has 11 people who are called upon 4 times a year to prepare a pedestal arrangement, with occasional extra duties at Festivals.   Sheilah Young and Sylvia McDougle have both retired and our thanks go to them for their years of service.  A special thanks to Sylvia, who has organised all the Festival arrangements for the last 25 years. We are fortunate that Pam Miller has agreed to take on this role

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • During 2015 when the church was closed for redevelopment for over 4 months, and worship was in the hall, there was a change of timing for the various sections, but everyone coped admirably and we are now back in our beautiful church.
  • The Flower Fund continues to receive donations from generous members of the congregation and beyond, often in memory of a loved one or for a special anniversary. We are very grateful to everyone who supports the fund in this way.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • We hope to continue the high standards of care throughout all we do within Sanctuary Guild.

We would encourage everyone to consider joining us.  We would love to welcome you.


Sheila Torrance



Welcoming, Integrating and Caring Core Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To create an environment where newcomers are welcomed, encouraged and nurtured into the worshipping community of St. Mary’s.
  • The opportunities to grow in faith are encouraged and are available to all, in the form of varied services, groups and activities throughout the year.
  • Newcomers and regular worshippers all feel valued and cared for.







Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • The Welcome group consists of seventeen people. Four are present at all major services, to provide a welcome and guidance to newcomers and a helping hand, as needed, to members of the congregation.
  • It is the congregation members who provide a welcome and care at the smaller services and gatherings.
  • The Welcome Booklet has been updated and is available in the vestibule. It is suitable for newcomers to the church and those new to the parish.
  • Visiting and Caring is done by both clergy and non-clergy members. Individuals and groups continue to 'look out' for people in church.


Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue to welcome, integrate and care for all St. Mary’s people.
  • To promote the ethos of the WIC group so it becomes part of the church culture and the responsibility of everybody.


Marion Oakes




Sidesmen/Sideswomen Group


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To distribute service books, hymn books, notice sheets and other documents to members of the congregation as they enter for services, and to collect and re-shelve books after services.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Group members:
  • B.Austoni, M.Campbell, E.Charlton, B.Cockburn, A.Crossfield, K.Gardner, S.Johnson, D.Lunn, M.Lunn, D.McDougle, N.Porter, P.Rudkin, S.Torrance, J.Watling.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue to provide this essential service

Martin Lunn

Baptism Support Group


Vision for the Group


To further develop the people of St Mary’s into becoming a ‘Baptising community’, with increasing participation of church members in the work of the Group and engagement of the baptism families in church activities.

Key results of our work in 2014-15

  • The rota for Baptism Visitors and Sponsors, which is held and administered by Dot Clarke in the office, continues to work but really needs the active participation of more church members.
  • To try and achieve increased participation a power point presentation describing the work of the Baptism Support Group was produced. The presentation was given at a Mothers’ Union meeting by members of the Baptism Support Group with the help of Susana Moran and Peter Knibbs – sadly this has not resulted in any new members volunteering to join the Group. 
  • There were 16 baptisms last year, a similar number as in 2013, and 2012 (17 baptisms) - which is reassuring given that the church was closed for building work for several months.      
  • Following the church refurbishment, the Baptism Banner beside the font has been removed. However, photographs of baptisms continue to be taken by Brian Morgan and displayed on the church website.
  • The St Mary’s Mothers’ Union continued to donate a Baptism Cube to each child on their baptism, for which the Group are grateful as this gift is greatly appreciated by the child’s family.
  • The St Mary’s Mothers’ Union Craft Group again made Christmas cards for the Baptism Sponsors to give to their Baptism families, with the card inners informing the children and parents of our family friendly services – which were welcomed both by the Sponsors and the families.

Key areas for development in 2016

These remain the same as last year: -

  • To enable wider understanding within the church community of the opportunities for Christian engagement with young families through being a Baptism Sponsor.
  • To increase the numbers of people becoming Baptism Sponsors and Visitors, in particular those members of our church with young families themselves, so as to provide an opportunity for Christian networking. 


Alan Furness













Discipleship and Evangelism Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

This group is responsible for enabling us, as a community, to grow as disciples in our understanding and love of God, providing a range of activities to accommodate different learning styles and to provide something for everyone. The past year has been a period of reflection and change within the core group, just as for the church as a whole, as we began to see that through the Renewal and Reform initiative, a more appropriate title for our group and our overall aim might be Discipleship and Evangelism. So the name was changed from Learning Living and Sharing.  

It was with great sadness that our vicar was taken ill just as this small group began to determine a year’s programme of activity, however, the work below was achieved.


Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Lent 2016 'Thy Kingdom Come' Initiated and written by Pat Moran and undertaken as a course of study by over 50 people.
  • Previously written and produced Lent material - adopted by 3 other churches in our diocese.
  • Godly play continues to support children’s learning on Sunday and from local schools as well as teaching leaders from other parishes etc.
  • Engaging Eastbourne House through post-communion reflections, Lent 2015 and communion.
  • preparing and delivering the 'I Believe' course - first communion for youngsters.
  • Preparation but not delivery of SHOCK OF THE NEW - a short course to build friendships and community for new people at St Mary's
  • Magical Mystery Tour - preparing candidates for confirmation and seeking to develop discipleship as we work our way through the meaning of the Eucharist - both inside and outside the church
  • Development of a 'Silver Surfers' group learning about the internet and developing expertise with technology.
  • Working with Whitley Lodge Community Spirit to develop the role of Christians in the community

Key plans for development in 2016

  • Respond to Renewal and Reform by focusing on growing disciples and leaders..

Learning in small groups using a range of resources developed or adapted by the learning project team and those working with our young people.  This may include Lent, Advent and film-based short courses and Godly play.

  • ..and engaging with the wider community
    Learning in small groups of those new to the church who live in our community.  This may include parents with young families, links for young parents, or other on and off site events.
  • Developing new ways to be church on Sunday afternoons with learning for young people
  • ..finally to share more of what we do
    Making all aware of the discipleship growth opportunities available at St. Mary’s.  This may for example include building relationships with local schools

Sue Hart / Katy Bell



Godly Play at St Mary’s 2015/16


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

To enable and nurture the ongoing spiritual development of young people and adults of all ages through the methods of Godly Play and use of the Godly Play materials within the Gathering Space.

For our children to be an integral part of our worshipping community.

To enable the development of the key skills necessary for our children to be part of our worshipping community.

To share Godly Play with the whole church community.

To use our Godly Play space to reach out into the community.

To use our Godly Play space for support and training for Godly Play practitioners from both Durham and Newcastle dioceses.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Continuing to support and encourage the spiritual development of our children.
  • A large range of enthusiastic participants between the ages of 4 and 13 years.
  • The Godly Play Project with Schools continues to support schools in the nurture children's spirituality. Godly Play sessions with schools take place on Thursday in the Godly Play Space in the Gathering Space. They involve story- telling, open ended wondering, a creative response time and a feast. Responses of both pupils and staff have been very positive. Two reception classes from Southridge First School visit for sessions once every half term. Nursery, Reception, and Year 1 classes from Christ Church C. of E School, North Shields have taken up some of the remaining sessions. They bring packed lunch with them to enable them to participate in a full session without time restraints. Volunteers from St Mary's make coffee and chat to the parent helpers who accompany the children on all visits.
  • Successful support and inclusion of visiting children at Baptism services.
  • Hosting meetings of The Godly Play Network of Practitioner in the North.
  • Training and material making courses for practitioners.
  • Godly Play stories and wondering being used within adult services.


Key plans for development in 2016/17

  • Continue to extend the range of material resources.
  • Continue to welcome school children into our Godly Play space.
  • Promote this opportunity to other local schools.
  • recruit and train more Godly Play Practitioners- essential
  • re consider / assess the interest/ take-up for a regular after school club and start to provide one.


Rachel Bainton and Mary Cooper





Liaising with Schools


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

 We welcome all schools into St Mary's, whenever they make a request, helping them to deliver the RE curriculum. We are also ready to go into schools for assemblies and other occasions when we are invited. 

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Excellent session with Coquet Park First school, Key stage 1 class (aged 5+) who used their senses to learn about the Church building, Baptism, and the parable of the loaves and fishes.  This was part of their work learning about Christianity.
  • During the Summer Term, we have also visited Coquet Park with small teams of story tellers and actors as part of the "Open the Book" initiative. We hope we can resume these regular sessions.
  • A session with each of the three Key stage 2 classes (aged 8+) from Marine Park School. Their topics included a Godly Play story, Exploring the Building - looking for Christian Symbols, which also explained to them about the Eucharist and a session on "What does the vicar do?"  This turned into an interesting chat about death and funerals with many pupils wanting to tell us of their experiences with relatives and pets!!
  • Over 100 Boldon School pupils made decorations for our building this Christmas.
  • Our newly refurbished Church was well used at Christmas by Whitley Lodge First School and by Valley Gardens Middle school for their Carol services/concerts.  Our welcoming space was much appreciated by all.
  • Staff and others go into local schools including Kings Priory, Tynemouth for assemblies.


  • With many thanks to all those involved in any of these sessions which are much enjoyed and appreciated, not only by the pupils who find it a positive experience but also the many teachers, teaching assistants, parents and other helpers.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue to build up and improve the Links we have with the schools in our area.

Carole Lax














St Mary’s Mothers’ Union – MU@2 Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To support our members with fellowship and prayer
  • To support the work of the MU in the Diocese and worldwide
  • To hold regular meetings and support the life and work of the church community at St. Mary’s

Key results of our work in 2015

  • We continued to provide baptism cubes for the newly baptised babies and young children
  • We raised money for AFIA, an MU diocesan project to provide holidays for needy families
  • We visited another branch, at Haydon Bridge, and are arranging a return visit here in June

Key plans for development in 2016

  • Our membership numbers are gradually dropping, a natural consequence of the average age of our members, so we must try hard to attract new members.
  • We will continue to give support to, and pray for, those of our church congregation who are in need.


Tina Tompkins, MU committee member 



St Mary’s Mothers’ Union - MU@8 Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To offer a programme for 2016 which reflects the Mothers’ Union vision.
  • Offer opportunity to nurture Faith, Family Life and Community.
  • Offer an accessible support group, with unique MU character, to those with modern working patterns and lives.


Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Successfully balance the running of MU@8 with the demands of modern working patterns and family life.
  • Point of contact and belonging, despite very busy and sometimes difficult family lives.
  • Help to improve our Environment and Community links, examples include an annual litter pick, pancakes for the brownies and “make something to give”.
  • Working with MU@2, together we supported the Toddler Carol Service.


Key plans for development in 2016

  • Continue developing as a group with the goal of supporting faith, family life and community.
  • Being open to others who may need our support in their lives.
  • Strengthen our links with MU@2 and our connection with the Mothers’ Union worldwide.


Judith E Mill




Justice and Peace Group Report to APCM, April 2016

The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

The Justice and Peace Group attempts to support both the worshipping and the wider communities in responding to Jesus’ teachings about how we relate to one another and to the natural environment we inhabit, specifically in relation to:

  • Social justice and human rights at local, national and international levels
  • International peace
  • World development of the human community
  • Ecology and the integrity of creation

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Justice and Peace Coffee Morning
  • Street collection for Christian Aid Week (raised £3,855.18, plus £260 at joint CAW Coffee Morning with St John’s)
  • Promoted Christian Aid’s ‘Count your blessings’ project during Lent
  • Regular Traidcraft stall at our own church and as opportunity arises elsewhere
  • Maintained a link with the Anglican Church of St Phillip, Nablus, in West Bank Palestine.
  • Marked World Environment Day at 8.00 and 10.00 Eucharist services, with appropriate preaching.
  • Framed recommendations to PCC for Christmas charitable giving.
  • Initiated parish involvement in Church of England’s ‘Reform and renewal’ movement. Parish meeting 23 January 2016.
  • Maintained a link with the Bay Food Bank, including taking donated items from church to the new Foodbank premises
  • Examined practicability of volunteer support in prison service
  • Contributed extensively to a ‘Justice and Peace special edition’ of Parish Newsletter
  • Prepared a schedule of ‘special days’ (eg Homelessness Sunday, World Environment Day, Prisons Week), with a view to marking at least some in sermons, prayers, intercessions

Key plans for development in 2016

  • Arranging Christian Aid Week door-to-door collection, 10-16 May and joint Coffee Morning with St John’s
  • Marking World Environment Day in June
  • Gradual building up of closer relationship with St Phillip’s, Nablus
  • Responding to anticipated PCC request to think about ‘Reform and renewal’
  • Supporting ‘Make Christmas Special’ drop-in on Christmas Day
  • Making recommendations to PCC for charitable giving at Christmas

Rev’d John McDermott, Chair








1st Monkseaton Rainbows Group


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • Fun, friendship, working together both in large and small groups, providing opportunities for learning and applying life skills, developing self-confidence and respect for others through building friendships, encouraging and developing interests and encouraging faith.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • In November 2015, Pam Rackham stepped down as Unit Leader and handed over to Suzy Moran. Pam is currently taking on the role of Assistant Leader until Becky Coldwell has completed her leadership qualification.
  • A special ‘surprise’ presentation was held, to which all the Rainbow parents were invited, to thank Pam for the 15 years she has dedicated to Rainbows as leader as well as the many years she has dedicated to Brownies. 1st Monkseaton Rainbows began in November 2000, with just 6 Rainbows and 4 leaders. Thanks to Pam (and very dedicated leaders) it is now a strong unit with a fantastic leadership team and has worked with, cared for and nurtured over 160 girls in its time, which is an incredible achievement!
  • Themed evenings: Burn’s Night, St George’s Day, Easter, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday, Mother’s Day, May Pole Dancing and a very fun pirate night!
  • Crafts: card for the Royal Baby (we received a letter and a card from the Queen’s Lady in Waiting!), Easter crafts, Christmas decorations, nature crafts including bird feeders. 
  • Cooking activities: decorated cakes for the Winter Fair, tried noodles, rice and prawn crackers for Chinese New Year and made and sold biscuits for Children in Need raising £50.
  • Trips: went to see Cinderella Pantomime at Whitley Bay Playhouse, attended the County Rainbow campfire at the Quarry centre and a County organized visit to Wallington. We also completed a Scavenger Hunt as part of the Girl Guiding North Tyneside ‘Out and About week’ initiative.
  • Participation in Church activities: Family afternoon services, Harvest service (created a Bee display for BFruitful), Christingle service, Winter Fair (our leaders Becky and Jean ran a stall on the day) and Remembrance Sunday (participation in service and contribution of poppy wreaths).

Key plans for development in 2016


  • Becky Coldwell to complete her leadership qualification and become Assistant leader.
  • Continue to participate in Division and County events.
  • Strengthen links with the Church.


Suzy Moran / Pam Rackham





4th & 12th Monkseaton Brownie Groups


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

Guiding help girls to develop emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so that they can make a positive contribution, both to their community and the wide world.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Between them the two Brownie Units have 58 girls with over 25 Brownies making their Promise in the last 12 months.
  • Themed evenings:  Easter, Mother’s Day, Italian Night, Chinese New Year, St George’s Day, including the making of the dragon.
  • Interest badges:  These were gained by girls individually and in the Units, which included Crime Prevention, Hostess, Seasons, and Entertainer Badge with all Brownies in the Unit taking part in a Christmas Concert for their parents.
  • Challenges:  Autumn Challenge - toasting marshmallows, carving pumpkins, learning campfire songs and a scavenger hunt ending with a chip shop treat.
  • Seahorse Challenge - making shell bracelets, coloured sand create design in a bottle, making and flying their own kite, learning about the danger of water and the sea.
  • Disney Mania:  A variety of crafts, activities and decorating biscuits.
  • Trips:  to bowling, to the Discovery Museum in Newcastle as part of their Science Investigator Badge, Hotpotz to decorate Christmas ornament, Whitley Bay pantomime – Cinderella.
  • County Events:   a trip to Wallington Hall, an evening camp fire in July, Brownie Cosmic Badge Day.
  • Both Units had a wonderful joint pack holiday with the theme of Harry Potter at our Residential Outdoor Activity Centre at Cheviot View.
  • Participation in Church Activities:  attending 4pm services, made pompom bees to decorate windows for Harvest Service and poppy wreaths for Remembrance Sunday.  Taking part in the Winter Fair.  MU@8 made pancakes for Brownies and their families in Church.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue to enable Brownies to have fun, develop friendships and to provide new opportunities for learning and self-development.
  • Participating in Division and County events.
  • Strengthen and develop Church links.

Sue Johnson and Emma Surtees










6th Whitley Bay Scout Group - Beavers, Cubs and Scouts


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

The Scout Association helps young people achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Provision of wide and varied activities aimed at supporting the beavers, cubs and scouts in their sections to learn new skills and develop existing ones.
  • The beavers have worked on a range of badges and activities including the World Challenge, Outdoors Challenge and have taken part in their first overnight residential experience.
  • Cubs have taken part in Mother’s day challenge, Advent Challenge and a number also qualified for their Chief Scout Silver Award. They have also taken part in the

Chef badge Challenge and a joint indoor weekend with the Beavers at Gibside Hall.

  • Scouts have visited the Teenage Cancer Ward at the RVI and RNLI in Tynemouth to hand over a donation from their recent charity fundraiser.
  • Scouts have also worked on their Global, Creative and Adventure challenges and five Scouts have achieved the highest award for the section – namely their Chief Scout Gold Award. 
  • Cubs and Scouts have also taken part in “Showtime” – the district Gangshow which took place at Whitley Bay Playhouse.
  • During the Summer months all sections ran a range of activities, including get wet games night, beach night, cooking on BBQ’s, all to take advantage of the summer weather.

Key areas for development in 2016-17

  • Cub “unknown” (surprise camp for cubs and parents) in the Summer.
  • Cubs will also be taking part in a range of celebrations to mark 100 years of cub Scouts.
  • Scout 11-night camp in Holland in the Summer Holidays plus working on a range of activity badges and staged awards.
  • Planned clean up in the hall – redecoration.
  • Beavers will be taking part in 30 activities to mark 30 years of Beaver Scouts.
  • Development of group executive further.
  • Progression of beavers, cubs and scouts to achieve their chief scout awards in 2016.

Scott Blackett, Acting Group Scout Leader,

6th Whitley Bay Scout Group








Badminton Group Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To continue our Wednesday afternoon sessions of badminton in the church hall, playing from 2pm – 3.30pm each week throughout the year, except for six weeks during the summer holidays and a break between Christmas and New Year.
  • To be welcoming to anyone wishing to join the group.



Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • The badminton group continued to flourish during 2015 - 2016
  • We are a mixed group which welcomes both men and women players.
  • There are currently nine paid-up members; several other players come occasionally.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue to make new players welcome among us.
  • To come together – enjoying good play and laughter.

Doreen Lunn



























Building Resources Group


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

  • To resource the mission of the church through stewardship, fundraising, the management of the continuing development of the church, administration, and care of staff.

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Queens Road house sold – the funds were used as part of the main redevelopment project.
  • Phase III of the redevelopment completed. The main contract ran throughout the summer and the building was reopened in October 2015. The works were overseen by a small team who managed the day to day queries and decisions, with regular reports to the PCC. The results of this work have been well received and have allowed for worship to resume and a number of events have already been held and are planned to make use of the wonderful space.

Key plans for development in 2016

  • Nominate a Warden to be the main point to contact for all building repair works to ensure works are consistent and effective.
  • Update the Stewardship scheme.
  • Use fundraising as a mechanism to engage outside St Mary’s – use social events for fellowship

Kate Stobart, David Lax, Roger Windass, Bryan Morgan, Richard Hart




















St Mary’s Church Hall Report


The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To ensure the Hall is fit for use by church members, community groups and the general public.
  • To raise the Hall profile as a community resource.
  • Ensure a steady income from Hall hire.




Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • Last year, for four months, during the closure of the church for redevelopment, the Hall successfully provided the venue for all St. Mary’s services and gatherings.
  • A grant from the Wellesley Trust, who support youth projects in the region, has provided some new hall equipment, which will benefit the uniformed organisations and other hall users. These are; darker window blinds, fold away chairs on a storage rack and broadband installed, to allow computer usage, with two years rental fees paid. A projector for the hall, at the time of writing this report, is the only outstanding item and not yet in place.
  • On a weekly basis, eight uniformed groups use the hall in term time and on average, six sessions are held by various other groups. (At the present, five, health and fitness related and one mother and toddler group.) A steady flow of private parties/hires is maintained.
  • The collection of old plastic chairs has been removed from the hall. The stage area has been sorted and decluttered, but still provides a major storage area for church items.
  • Our thanks go to those who continue to show the Hall some TLC, Bryan Morgan, John Charlton, Bev (the cleaner) and various members of the uniformed organisations.


Key plans for development in 2016


  • Recognise the Hall is an important part of St. Mary’s community.
  • Ensure the Hall is maintained to reflect its purpose as an asset, for the church and for the community members who use it.
  • Set up a management team who would take an active interest in the hall and consider it as a priority.


Marion Oakes











Gardening Group



The role of the group in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s


  • To keep the gardens tidy and well planted
  • The two long hedges have to be cut twice a year
  • Deal with the large shrubs

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • The lavender hedge has been replanted and looks very nice.
  • Easter Garden has been tidied
  • North side gardens are always kept tidy
  • Some large shrubs including laurel, have been cut back at the eastern aspect of the building and at the small car park area.  This was done with a great deal of help from Bryan Morgan and some extra manpower.
  • The front hedges continue to look smart – thanks to the regular band of helpers who turn up with hedge trimmers, brooms and buckets.


Key plans for development in 2016

  • Unfortunately the gardens on the south side have been wrecked by scaffolding when the roof work was done and this area needs to be cleared completely and refreshed this year.
  • The shrubs all around the building do need to be kept in check and some removed completely – especially the laurels. This work is really too much for most of our gardeners but it cannot be left indefinitely.
  • As usual we are asking for more help from some able bodied folk who might be able to spare a couple of hours every so often to help keep on top of this work.

Maureen Roberts




















Parish Office Report

The role in the ongoing life and mission of St Mary’s

  • To provide a friendly, caring and competent reception area for the whole parish during the week and to be the centre though which most information about church life will pass. 
  • To welcome, support and provide a confidential listening ear for those who need to talk.
  • To achieve a high standard of administration in the church setting and to work with all the staff team.  
  • To keep all registers for funerals, weddings and baptisms up to date.  To record all fees generated from funerals and weddings and also record payments for Church and Hall hire.
  • To record statistics for use in the annual Church of England Parish Return
  • Keep an up-to-date diary of all events taking place in church and hall and liaise with those who want to use these facilities.
  • Produce the weekly notice sheet, print rotas, minutes, lists, readings and service leaflets as and when required.
  • Provide secretarial support to any of St Mary’s groups when needed.
  • Provide a welcoming service to the public when booking baptisms, weddings and funerals, church and hall bookings and also providing general information where needed. 

Key results of our work in 2015-16

  • 2015 was a very challenging year in which many changes came into play.  In January we welcomed Carol who took over Ruth’s role in the office.  This placed an extra workload on Dot who had to teach Carol the administrative duties whilst carrying out the everyday running of the office and meet all the usual demands.  All new work and challenges were met enthusiastically by Carol and we both feel that all these tasks were done to the best of our abilities.
  • During May we started the huge task of sorting, discarding and packing up of everything in the office and church for the commencement of the last phase of the church building refurbishment and redevelopment.   This meant that although a minimalistic office was sited in the church hall, we carried out most of the office duties remotely, at home.  From our viewpoint this worked well and we feel that nothing suffered because of it.
  • October brought the move back into our new and beautiful Church and Parish Office.  A lot of help was needed to get this up and running again.  Our thanks go to the many willing helpers who worked with us to achieve this.  We also thank the whole church community for being so patient throughout this time.
  • We thank all the staff and wardens for their help during the year.  We are especially grateful to those who have volunteered to cover the office on a Monday morning, so allowing us a greater amount of flexibility in our working hours.
  • Carol would like to thank Dot for her enduring calm during the training process and also the many people who have made her feel so very welcome in her new role.  “She loves it”!


Key plans for development in 2016

  • To continue providing a welcoming & friendly reception to St Mary’s Church and office.
  • To continue with a high standard of record keeping and administration.
  • To make improvements in areas as and when identified.

Dot & Carol, Parish Office 2015/16



In our Annual Report we remember by name those members of our church community who have died


In baptism each of us was given

our own place at God’s family table.

May our friends departed now claim

that promised place

at the wedding feast of heaven.


Christ is risen - the first fruits of all who have died!


God of our Life,

God of all our years,

God of our beginning,

hear us as we pray,

in a mixture of sadness, gratitude and hope,

for those who have died during our last year and

we pray for all who mourn.






Robert Watson Norie

Ellen Stocks Vyse

Pamela Fletcher

Mary Cockbain (Mollie) Burns

Doreen Morris

George Wade

Margaret Clark

Moira Abernethy

Alan Edward Seymour

Dorothy Harper

Patrick Anderson

Elizabeth Elsie Mace

Mollie Berrisford    

Dorothy Benson

Liddell Johnston

Eric Routledge








Ian Glendinning               

Helen Mara Matthews    

Frank Hudson

Isabel Anderson Brown

David Milton Johnson

Harold Lindsay Perks

Patricia Halliday

Alice Moore

Iris Ruth Dempsey

Louise Russel

John Stainthorpe Turnbull

Charles Nicholson

William Wilkinson

Mavis Grimes

Muriel Packham








Our times are in your hands Lord. Amen








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